Dental fillings

Tooth cavity and tooth decay is the most common problem occurring at any age or generation. Tooth decay and cavities is the most common problem seen in children nowadays. Therefore you need a professional dentist who can structure and fill your cavity to prevent further decay. 

Royal Crown Family Dental is the perfect solution for dental fillings and giving new life to your oral cavity. The parents must understand different procedures and types of fillings important for their child. In RCFD (Royal Crown Family Dental), you will get multiple techniques to ensure the perfect tooth recovery and the best procedure to help your children in their growing stage. 

Types of Dental Fillings

In RCFD (Royal Crown Family Dental), you will find different techniques of dental filling for your children. You can try silver amalgam, glass ionomer, ceramic feeling, etc. Silver amalgam fillings are the most common type, made of a mixture of metals. Glass ionomer fillings are made of a material that releases fluoride and can help prevent further decay. Ceramic fillings consist of a composition of the material that gives a similar resemblance texture to that of teeth.

The Filling Procedure

The dentist will use a local anesthetic to numb the area around your affected tooth. Then they will remove the spoiled part of the tooth. Dentists can also recommend removing the complete tooth. Inside the vacant cavity, the dentist will fill the dental filling and shape it according to the tooth. Moreover, the dentist will verify the child’s bite so that it won’t affect the alignments and ligaments of the jaw. The numbness of the anesthesia will remain for a certain time, but soon it will be over. 

Post-Treatment Care and Precautions 

Once you complete the dental filling process, there are some precautions that you should consider and take care of your child. Avoid giving any liquid or solid diet after the surgery for a couple of hours. Also, keep your children away from sticky gums for at least 2 days. Improve the habits of brushing twice a day and taking proper care of oral hygiene. It is mandatory to visit the doctor after a period to monitor your children’s filling to avoid complications. 

Potential Complications

After successful surgery, it is very rare to get any complications. But sometimes, a few surgeries can be allergic and sensitive in rare cases. If your child experiences discomfort after filling, it would be best to contact the dentist immediately and remove the dental fillings.

When to Get Dental Fillings for Children?

It is important to check out the dental cavity of your children once a week if they have an addiction to eating sweets. If you find any symptoms or dental cavities, visiting the dentist at the initial stage would be best. It will protect your children from further decay and get cured within time. Consult your doctor for the best treatment per your dental situation’s requirements. 


Important to take care of a child’s dental health. You can find the best service regarding dental filling and other dental issues at Royal Crown Family Dental. We offer proper guidance to their patients to get the best oral hygiene. They also have multiple payment modes, making them efficient and reliable for patients. Give a call to book your appointment today!