Dental Fillings & Teeth Gap Fillings


Dental fillings, or tooth fillings, are most commonly used to fill in the area that is left when a cavity has been treated. A tooth filling serves two main purposes:

  1. To prevent further damage to the tooth once the source of decay has been removed
  2. To restore the functionality of the tooth

Completed correctly, your tooth with not decay further and your use of that tooth is restored! It is important that your dentist ensures the area is completely clean before filling the area of the tooth or it will continue to decay under the filling.


When you have a cavity, it is important to completely remove it to ensure the tooth does not continue decaying. By removing all the bacteria and decay then closing off the affected area with a tooth filling, you can stop further decay from occurring!
You may also need a dental filling to fix other minor issues. Depending on your circumstances, many different fillings are considered. This can get surprisingly complex! From composite resins, glass-ionomer cement, porcelain and more, it is important that your dentist identifies the correct filling to use for your specific circumstances.

Not at all! Dental fillings, or tooth fillings, are pain-free. After Dr Maher has fixed the core underlying issue (such as a cavity), he will spend time considering the different types of fillings and determining the best one for you. Where applicable, he’ll also ensure the dental filling matches the colour of your teeth as much as possible.

It is important to get your fillings checked regularly to ensure that they are functioning correctly. Over time, you will wear the dental filling down as you eat, requiring your dentist to replace it. During your regular dental check-ups, Dr Maher will assess all your fillings and will catch any potential issues early!

Whether you have a sensitive tooth or a filling you’d like checked, come and book a consultation with our award-winning dentist and we’ll make sure you’re well looked after! We’re your premier dentist in Wentworth Point (Olympic Park), Sydney.